Review of Joel Rosenberg’s “The Jerusalem Assassin”

The Jerusalem Assassin: A Marcus Ryker Series Political and ...

One benefit of being stuck at home during the C-19 crisis was the opportunity to read Joel Rosenberg’s newest novel, The Jerusalem Assassin. Released in mid-March, this was the third in a political thriller trilogy featuring former US Secret Service Agent, Markus Ryker. This novel follows The Kremlin Conspiracy and The Persian Gamble, in which Ryker rides the highs and lows of tracking down bad guys in the Middle East. This was Rosenberg’s third trilogy, and was my personal favorite.

After spending his career chasing down bad guys and losing loved ones in the process, Ryker can’t say no when President Andrew Clarke taps him to track down those responsible for assassinating US officials prior to Clarke’s scheduled peace plan announcement on Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Plot lines were characteristically Rosenberg as a wide variety of international characters develop, leaving the reader wondering just who would become a key player in Ryker’s success in busting up the terror plot. Also true to Rosenberg novels, the action is fast-paced and chapters are short enough to leave the reader wanting to read “just one more.”

There are plenty of twists and turns, as well as hints of love interests for Ryker, whose wife was a victim of a domestic terror plot in a previous novel. However, once Ryker uncovered a tangled international plot to assassinate President Clarke himself, the pressure was on, and he had only 2 days to eliminate the threat.

While less action-packed than The Kremlin Conspiracy, this novel brilliantly wove together international intelligence, intrigue and spy tactics to make the action-thriller both believable and readable. Admittedly, I am a Rosenberg “junkie,” having read all 15 novels and 7 non-fiction works, but this novel left me looking forward to the next one!

Looking for a great political thriller, staged in the US and Israel? This is it! I recommend it!

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