Netanyahu Does it Again!

A Knesset vote and a High Court of Justice’s decision on Thursday paved the way for Benjamin Netanyahu to form a government and be named Israeli Prime Minister for a record 5th time.

PRIME MINISTER Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, celebrate at Likud Party headquarters in Tel Aviv late Tuesday night, April 9, 2020 (photo credit: RONEN ZVULUN/REUTERS)
Prime Minister Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, celebrate on election night
(photo credit: RONEN ZVULUN/REUTERS)

Over and over, PM Netanyahu seems to work magic, enabling him to retain power as Israel’s premier, and he seems to have done it once again. While questionable allegations progressed from accusations to indictment, Netanyahu managed to survive three elections in only a year without being successful in forming a government, yet not losing his position. In Israel, one must put together a coalition with more than half the Knesset members. Neither Netanyahu’s Likud party nor Benny Gantz’s Blue and White party could pull it off in three elections.

Following the third election, and public outcry to “get it done,” there was a shift in strategy. Gantz agreed to form a unity government with Netanyahu. However, having been indicted on counts of fraud, Netanyahu had two other rabbits to pull out of the hat. That happened when the Knesset approved the unity government, and the courts threw out a petition to prohibit Netanyahu from serving while under indictment.

It seems that Netanyahu was aided by the fact he performed expertly in guiding Israel through the COVID-19 crisis. Israel faced fewer cases and deaths per capita than almost any nation on earth, despite the incredibly high outbreaks in other nations in the neighborhood. Israel is also ahead of the curve in getting their nation up and running again.

Coupled with his foreign policy prowess, there are few world leaders who are as astute and capable of governing their nation than Netanyahu is. Now he gets that chance…for at least 18 more months. That is, if he can avoid conviction in what appear to be trumped up charges.

Keep in mind, though, this is a unity government, which means Gantz and Netanyahu will share responsibilities as Israel’s Prime Minister…Netanyahu for 18 months, then Gantz for the remainder of the term. Potential spoiler alert: Israel often goes to elections early because coalitions split up. Could it happen that the coalition could blow apart before Gantz’s turn, and does Netanyahu have enough magic left to win another election?

Only time will tell, but my prayers are with Netanyahu, who I believe to be a man in power “for such a time as this.” It will be a very interesting 18 months…in every way we can imagine (and more)! Evil is at work in our world to bring down those who fail to comply with the globalist agenda, striving for a New World Order. Netanyahu is in the cross hairs. Please pray for Light to cast out darkness.

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