Time for Praise!

In a day and time when churches are shut down and we’re relegated to online services, it is important to praise the Lord! Scripture tells us not to forsake assembling together for encouragement. (Hebrews 10:23-25) So, while we await the day we can join together as larger bodies of Christ, let’s be faithful to praise the One who sustains us.

In that effort, here is a taste of worship in Hebrew (with English subtitles). Lift up your praise!

9 thoughts on “Time for Praise!

      1. Ani medaber Evrit ketzot, aval ani rotsa ledeber yoter tov! (I speak Hebrew a little, but want to speak it much better!) I finished the Rosetta Stone course, but am definitely not fluent. Not many opportunities to use it conversationally, but I love to sing it…with transliteration on the screen! About a 3rd grade vocabulary. It is a fun language, though not simple to learn.

      2. That’s really cool! I wanted to learn Greek when I became a Christian many years ago, but found it to be very difficult also. I think it would really great to learn Hebrew also. At least enough to understand it, if not conversationally.

      3. 🙂 Yes, I took a semester of Greek from a Hebrew-Greek seminary prof and getting through verb declensions ate my lunch! I decided to try Hebrew, and actually liked it better and learned it! If you’re interested in learning Hebrew, there is a half price deal for RS right now. Email me if you want more info.

      4. Wow, that’s great. Yeah, I could see that Greek was way over my head. I’d love to learn Hebrew. Thanks for the heads up on the RS. I’m not sure I’m ready to tackle that right now, but out of curiosity, how much is RS at half off?

      5. It depends on the subscription. Right now, about $6/mo for a 24-month subscription, $8/mo for a 12-month subscription. They also have a 3-month option, but unless that’s all you do, you won’t get through it!

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