Jews Sharing Jesus with Jews!

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The Bible teaches us to bless Israel. But what is the best way to do so?

After meeting the Messiah, Dr Erez Soref, a Jewish psychologist, came to the conclusion that the very best way to bless Israel is with Yeshua (Jesus)! He was so convinced, he left psychology and founded One for Israel. Under his leadership OFI reaches out to Jews and Arabs in Israel not only with the Gospel of Yeshua, but also with the opportunity to study God’s Word at a fully-accredited Bible college.

For those of you who traveled with me to Israel last November, you remember visiting Israel College of the Bible (ICB), the Bible college associated with One for Israel. Those who travel with me in February 2021 will visit it as well! (We’re awaiting airline plans, then will open registration. Stay tuned…it will be announced here!)

I want you to meet Dr Soref and hear testimony of how he met the Messiah, then was led to found the only evangelical outreach and Bible college in the land of Israel! Jews sharing Jesus with Jews! God wrote His story in the life of Dr Soref, and here it is:

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