Officials Order 14-Day Isolation on All Entering Israel

Abandoned counters at Ben Gurion Airport

The typically bustling check-in stations at Israel’s Ben Gurion airport stand virtually abandoned as Israeli officials order 14-day quarantine for everyone entering Israel, regardless from where they are traveling. Flights have been cancelled and the quarantine order went into effect Monday night at 8 pm, and will be in effect for those arriving anytime in the next 2 weeks.

Israel continues taking drastic measures to avoid a pandemic of coronavirus within their borders. The tiny Jewish nation has little to no room for error, so officials have chosen to take strong measures, despite huge economic loss.

What is the impact on tourism? Dramatic, I’m sure. Given the mandatory quarantine just announced, it is likely all tours will be cancelled or postponed. Please pray for those whose trips may be cancelled, and pray the impact on Israel’s thriving tourism industry is not curbed indefinitely.

Some experts have hinted a 2-week worldwide quarantine (ie – everyone stay home for 2 weeks) would likely curtail the coronavirus. I don’t know the degree of truth to that, but assuming it would significantly reduce spread of the virus, what do you think about “shutting down the planet” for 2 weeks?

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