Another Ancient Site Opens in Jerusalem

The entrance room, which leads to stairs of a tower that flanks the Roman gate built in 135 CE and is found under Damascus Gate in Jerusalem's Old City. (photo credit: ILANIT CHERNICK)
Ancient Roman Square excavated and now open to the public (Photo credit: Ilanit Chernick)

Beneath Damascus Gate in the north wall of the Old City lies an ancient Roman square (or plaza), thought to be where Roman Emperor Hadrian paraded his troops after squashing the Bar Kochba Revolt in 135 AD.

The Damascus Gate of today leads into and out of the Muslim Quarter of the Old City, but was once the gathering place of those traveling the busy thoroughfare just outside the gate. When you see the huge patio area outside the gate of today, you see it was designed to be a gathering place. So it was in ancient days as well!

This Roman plaza is the most recent of ancient sites opening up to the public for the first time. Here is a brief video of the site:

Israel is alive and prospering. It seems like news discoveries are being made every day! It is an exciting time in Israel.

How would you like to go with us on a trip of a lifetime to see sites like this in Israel? Plans are in the works for a trip about a year from now, so keep your eyes on this site and I’ll pass along more details as they become available!

Happy Lord’s Day!

PS: Speaking of Lord’s Day, the Damascus Gate is a mere 1/4 mile or so from Golgotha and the Garden Tomb. It was there our Lord rose from the dead, making every day the Lord’s Day for those of us who believe!

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