The Truth about Iranian People

We’ve all heard the chants out of Iran: “Death to Israel…death to America!” From Iran we have heard about “wiping Israel off the map.” The US is known as “the great Satan,” and Israel is tagged as “the little Satan.”

Without knowing more about Iran, it is logical to think that all Iranians hate Israel and America. But is it true? Let’s find out from an Iranian native:

The fact is that most Iranians do not hate Israel and America. In fact, those people seek what we all seek: something to fill the void left in our sinful lives. Mercifully, the Spirit of God is moving among the Persian people. Reputable sources in Iran are reporting thousands of Iranians coming to know Jesus, many of them resulting from dreams and visions in which Jesus is supernaturally revealing Himself!

We must distinguish between the people of Iran and the evil regime running Iran. God is writing a story in Iran and I believe we partner with Him, as the effective prayers of the righteous can accomplish much! (James 5:16) Please pray for the eyes of more Iranian citizens to be open to the revelation of Jesus Christ. Can you imagine what could happen if revival breaks out in Iran? Let’s step into God’s Story by praying for Iranians and a coming revival.

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