Welcome to VISION 2020!

What is your vision for this year? Mine is to see people discover God’s Story in their lives, and to share it with others!

Hosting 30 excited tour guests to Israel in November 2019 was a such an incredible experience. Our tour theme was “God’s Story,” and we prepared to experience Israel in such a way that His Story would come alive, and we would come back home anxious to share it.  Oh, how amazingly He brought that theme to life! God’s Story was revealed similarly, but uniquely to each of us. Many voiced their commitment to share His Story, and it is happening! (Way to go, gang!)

You don’t have to go to Israel to see God’s Story!  He has uniquely written parts of His Story on the pages of your life, and you are uniquely equipped to share it! Recognizing and embracing His Story is critical to being able to share it.  Through VISION 2020, we will look into God’s Word where His Story is revealed! It will look different for each of us, and only you can tell the story He has written in your life!

VISION 2020 is my personnel commitment to share God’s Story, and it is a means of encouragement for you to do the same!  Often, I hear: “Have you written any new studies?” and “When will you be teaching again?”  Here it is…online and available to all!

Ultimately, I pray VISION 2020 encourages you to share God’s Story in whatever way He is writing it upon the parchment of your life!  Here is how to access and get the most out of the study:

  • At the top of this webpage, under the Looking for the Blessed Hope header, click on “Bible Studies,” then “VISION 2020.”
  • There, you will find a new study guide every 7-14 days. (Don’t worry…when a new study guide is posted, notifications will go out via this blog and Facebook!) 
  • The first study guide (already posted) is our ”God’s Story” Tour Theme originally posted prior to our 2019 tour. This is a great foundation to get you started!
  • These study guides are meant to be tools to get you into God’s Word. Please don’t rush through them…you have several days between study guides to allow God to write another chapter of His Story upon your life.
  • Be prayerful as you study, asking the Lord to reveal great and mighty things which you do not know (Jeremiah 33:3).

Finally, let’s interact! If you are on Facebook, search for and join the “VISION 2020: Discerning the Time and Sharing the Hope” group. There, you are invited to share God’s Story, comment, ask questions, and encourage one another. We’re in the journey together, so please participate! Notifications of new study guides will be posted on this blog and on the VISION 2020 Facebook group page.

If your vision is not Israel and/or prophecy, then study something different.  The key thing is: study something and catch the VISION!  Allow God to write you into His Story, then share it! You will be blessed!

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