Israel Considering Purchase of More US-Made F-35 Aircraft

Image result for israeli f-35
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu alongside an Israeli F-35

As things continue to heat up in the Middle East, the US and Israel deepen their relationship with one another. According to the Jewish News Syndicate, Israel seems poised to grow their arsenal of US-manufactured F-35 fighter jets to 50.

Here are some interesting tidbits you should know:

  • The US provides millions of dollars in military aid to Israel, who then turns right around and spends a very large percentage of it purchasing equipment such as F-35 fighter jets from the US! (Yes, America gets aid money back from Israel in the form of purchased military equipment.)
  • Though the world’s newest and most advanced military equipment is designed and manufactured in the US, Israel’s technological prowess plays an equally important role. As an example, when Israel purchases F-35’s, they get primarily the “shell” of the aircraft. Israel then installs the most advanced avionics and weapons systems into the planes, suitable for their needs in defending Israel. That technology is shared with the US and implemented in American military equipment as well.
  • Modern technology allows aircraft, as well as ground units, to “talk to one another” in real time. Battle planning and strategy are carried out very precisely due to the communication capabilities of various pieces of equipment. Again, we can thank the Israelis for a great deal of that technology, and the cooperation between the two countries to share it.
  • Military pilots now fly with Helmet Mounted Display, allowing them a 360 degree view while receiving incredible amounts of sensor data from the air and the ground. All of it is seen inside the helmet worn by Israeli and American pilots.

Praise God for the current cooperation between the US and Israel. As civilians, I suspect we have no clue as to what is being done to keep us safe. May God continue to shine His favor upon the US and Israel, and may military personnel of each country remain safely in the hands of the Lord.

See the Jewish News Syndicate’s article, Israel on the Way to Possessing 50 F-35 Jets.

PS: As the year draws to a close, we’re laying a foundation to launch into 2020 with a solid perspective. Be sure to check back tomorrow for the conclusion of our “good news” series! (If you have missed the previous 3, there will be links to them, so tune in and lay the foundation with us!)

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