Saying Good Bye to Israel

Shalom friends!

I left you yesterday at the Garden Tomb, and we’ll pick up there today. Perhaps the most significant place of all for Christians, the Garden Tomb is a quiet, peaceful place right in the middle of a bustling, chaotic Arab area, only blocks from the Damascus Gate. In that garden, it is common to hear languages from around the world praising and worshiping the name of Jesus Christ. Such was the case on that day, as we heard groups from Fiji, the UK, and China all singing in their own languages. Awesome!

Before heading for the airport, we enjoyed our farewell meeting/dinner together. During our trip, we gathered stones at various places, representing impactful moments. There were many, and during our farewell time together we piled our stones, creating an altar of remembrance. Each person had an opportunity to share one special moment and the testimonies shared were precious.

Finally, it was time to depart the land we all came to love. Often, interesting things happen when one visits Israel. Because the roots of our faith are buried in Judaism, there is a strange sense of “being home” in Israel. For some (me included!) it is difficult to leave. Yet, when you must leave Israel, being home in our own beds after a long 15-hour flight is a welcome thought.

The tour gave us plenty to contemplate for weeks to come, and I believe it is safe to say each of us was impacted in ways that will forever change the way we live out our Christian faith.

It was just impossible to share all we saw and experienced while in Israel. Thus, I will take the next few days to share more. I hope you have enjoyed the journey with us, and that you will continue to follow as I “re-live” the Israel experience with you!

Shalom friends!

7 thoughts on “Saying Good Bye to Israel

    1. Now that we’re back, I’m currently posting “Tour Rewind” posts…going back and filling in detail of things I didn’t have time to get into while we were touring! Glad you enjoyed the journey with us! Next….perhaps a trip of your own!!! (I’m beginning to consider organizing another one. If so, perhaps you can join us!)

      1. When are you thinking you might be going the next time? I might be interested. I’m trying to work out details for the trip next year, but am afraid it might not come together for me.

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