Two of My Galilee Favorites!

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Other than Jesus, who is your favorite Bible character?

I’ve got many “favorites,” but I have to say I most often identify most closely with Peter. He seemed to have a knack for falling, yet Jesus wouldn’t allow him to fail! Don’t you feel that way sometimes?

Tabgha is a favorite place of mine because it was not only here that Jesus likely called Peter to follow Him, but it was also the place He showed such amazing grace and redemption to Peter. Three times, Peter had denied Jesus that fateful night before His crucifixion (Luke 22:54-62), and here at Tabgha (after an early morning miracle), Jesus restored Peter by asking him three times if he loved Jesus…and if so, to care for His sheep (ie – serve Him). (John 21:15-17 Read the entire chapter…you will be blessed!)

Meanwhile, only a few miles away is the ancient city of Magdala, the birthplace of Mary Magdalene. A few years ago, a synagogue from the time of Jesus was unearthed and many artifacts lead us to believe Jesus most likely taught in that synagogue. Today, it is a quiet, peaceful place and, besides the excavation continuing there, a large retreat center now stands.

These two “favorites” are highlighted in this week’s study guide, posted to help our tour group prepare for the journey to Israel. You’re invited to study along with us! You will find the Tabgha/Magdala study guide, along with several others, on the EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR Study Guide page. Enjoy!

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