MUST SEE: A Holocaust Survivor Forgives

Romanian-born Eva Mozes Kor and her twin sister, Miriam, were severely tortured by the Nazi commando known as the “Angel of Death.” Dr Josef Mengele conducted unimaginable “experiments” on children (especially twins) in the Auschwitz death camp. Hear Eva’s story of resolve to beat death in order to save her sister.

Perhaps just as miraculous, Eva was able to forgive Mengele and others who tortured her, and it is a testimony to us all of the power of forgiveness.

Eighty-five year old Eva died July 4th while guiding a tour at Auschiwitz. Hear her story and learn her lesson of forgiveness.

2 thoughts on “MUST SEE: A Holocaust Survivor Forgives

    1. Heartfelt and warming, Richard. Thank you for sharing. I, too, have had the privilege of hearing survivor accounts of the Holocaust firsthand. In fact, I’m taking a group to Israel next month and one of our stops will be at a home for Holocaust survivors. Though I am not Jewish, my Christian faith connects so appropriately with the Jewish people, as that is where our foundation in faith is rooted. God bless you, and may that remembrance be a blessing always.

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