Part 4 – Understanding the Times: Why Does it Matter?

Lesson 1: Why Does it Matter?

Welcome back friends! Grab a cup of coffee and pull your chair up to the table! We’re finishing off Lesson 1 that was taught live last Sunday morning. If you missed the first 3 parts of the lesson, click here, here and here.

Jesus’ followers and the religious leaders missed the day of Jesus’ visitation (first coming) (Luke 19:41-44). Is our society today in danger of missing the next visitation (Jesus’ Second coming)? Undoubtedly so! We live in a chaotic and deceptive world.

Yet God’s Word gives us great hope! Slowly and deliberately, read John 14:1-3 from the New Living Translation. Jesus promises to rescue us from the deception! He promises to pull us from the chaos!

As a child, where was your “safe place?” For most of us, that was our parents’ home…our parents’ arms…our parents’ love for us. Sure, tension may have been present at times, but we knew we were safe in the care of our parents. We yearned for that safety when we were afraid, or simply in need of love and security. I wonder….do we long for the love, safety and security of our Father’s home? Jesus is preparing that place and we will soon be taken there! What a promise!

Finally, as believers, we have hope…the Blessed Hope! That hope is not a “gee, I hope it happens,” but rather a confident expectation that Jesus is going to return for us. Titus 2:13 expresses our Blessed Hope in the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ!

He is coming, friends! THAT is why understanding the times matters!

If you’re in the Phoenix area, join us on Sunday morning at CalvaryPHX (Room 209) at 8:00. We’ll dive into lesson 2: Understanding the Past: What Lessons Can We Learn?

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