Part 2 – Understanding the Times: Why Does it Matter?

Week 1: Why Does it Matter?

Welcome back friends! This past Sunday we launched a new study called Understanding the Times. The 4-week study began with a lesson in which we asked “Why does it matter?” Yesterday I began reviewing the main points from Sunday’s lesson, so if you missed yesterday’s post, find it here.

We established the fact that, similar to sporting events, our world is governed by time, and we live in a particular season in which the Bible calls the last days. Time is short….but why does it matter? Let’s pick it up from there.

Please read Matthew 24:36, 50; Matthew 25:11-13 and Luke 12:35-46. What is the common point made in those three passages? Does anyone on earth know the day and hour of Jesus’ return? Of course not…and it would be utterly ridiculous to believe that anyone does know.

However, the Word of God DOES teach us to know and understand the time and season in which we live. In 1 Chronicles 12:32, what is true of the men of Issachar? They “understood the times” and “knew what Israel should do.”

Furthermore, Jesus rebuked both His followers (Luke 12:54-56) and the religious leaders (Matthew 16:1-3) for failing to discern the time. (Please stop to read one of those passages to get the full impact of Jesus’ words.)

Those words are powerful, and Jesus knew the urgency. Read Luke 19:41-44. Why did Jesus weep? Exactly what had the Jewish people missed?

Indeed, Jesus Himself was standing right before them, yet they did not recognize Him as the long-awaited Messiah of whom the Old Testament prophets had foretold. Tragically, they missed their day of visitation.

Are we repeating a similar mistake in our day? The Old Testament prophets and Jesus Himself told us that Jesus is coming back. Today, we are an information-rich society…we know lots of things. Yet, do we fail to discern the times of which the prophets warned? Will He return while we are still focused on the stuff we know, rather than on the ONE we know?

Let’s end with one last sobering passage: 1 John 2:18. According to that passage, what time is it?

So, back to our question: Why does it matter? What’s your answer?

That’s it for today, but we’ll finish the lesson over the next day or two, so slide your chair back up to the virtual study table tomorrow. I’ll meet you here!

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