Understanding the Times: Why Does it Matter?

On Sunday, we had a great start to our newest study together, Understanding the Times! Not only did we have pretty close to a full house, but there was lots of engagement as we considered why it is important to understand the time and season in which we live.

So, while I cannot replicate the personal element that occurs in a live class, I will share with you some of the keys points we discuss each week. In week 1 we focused on answering the question, “Why does it matter?”

To put things into perspective, allow me to use a sports analogy. Most sports are governed by time. The clock starts when the game begins, and the game ends when the last second has ticked off the clock. However, if you’ve watched many sporting events, particularly football or basketball, you know that the last 2 minutes of the game might easily last 20 minutes! There are strategies involved and, for the team that is behind, there are ways to stop the clock. But it is only temporary. Ultimately, the clock will run out and the game will be over! So it is with our days on this earth.

Secondly, every sport has a season. When fall rolls around, you know it is football season. Springtime is suited for baseball. Spiritually, we are living in the season in which Jesus could return at any moment! The clock is ticking down and we must know and understand the season in which we live!

Even the secular world intuitively knows that life as we know it on this planet will not last forever! Hollywood makes movies about the apocalypse, people talk about Armageddon (though typically very much out of Biblical context!) In 1947, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists even produced a Doomsday Clock to show America just how near or far we are from the end!

In January 2019, USA Today actually published and article stating that the Doomsday Clock is at 2 minutes to midnight!

Why all the talk about the end of time? Because God created us with intuitive knowledge that this world will not last forever! As believers, we know that Jesus is coming back to take us to our heavenly home! What a day that will be, when Jesus Himself rescues us from the world we have managed to corrupt!

But when will this take place? We’ll talk about that tomorrow! Most know the immediate answer, but I want to share the second part of that answer as we look into God’s Word together. Come back tomorrow and join the discussion!

Meanwhile…blessings, my friends!

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