Land of Milk and Honey

Speaking to Moses from a burning bush, following captivity in Egypt, God promised to redeem the Israelites and bring them into a land flowing with milk and honey. (See yesterday’s post if you missed it!) Little did anyone know the many ways in which God would fulfill His promise!

Regarding His promise, here are some interesting thoughts:

  • Most often in Scripture, honey refers to fruit nectar (primarily date honey), not honey from bees.
  • Fruit trees grow in lots of places, but only in fertile land, where fruit trees are well-nourished, does produce overflow with nectar.
  • Likewise, livestock lives in many different places, but produce more milk when fed in fertile pastures.
  • According to the Midrash (Hebrew commentary) milk symbolizes superior quality, richness of taste and nourishment.
  • Honey is symbolic of sweetness.

With some of those thoughts in mind, consider how God continues to fulfill His milk and honey promise. Click here for a fascinating look at that fulfillment.

Have a blessed Lord’s Day!

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