Celebrating the Birth of a Jewish Carpenter: Wood and Stone

The Jewish Carpenter has a purpose.  God the Father intentionally birthed Him to an earthly father who would teach Him an artisan skill, to help us understand His spiritual purpose.  His skill as a Master Craftsman fashions us into the vessel God the Father intended from the beginning! 

A carpenter works with wood, and what piece of wood is most prominent in Scripture?  Of course, it is the cross.  Not by mistake, the Jewish Carpenter was nailed to a wooden cross and crucified for you and me.  Symbolic of our frailty, mortality and finite being, wood represents death.  In fact, it was an instrument of death in Jesus’ day. It is the vehicle upon which mortality itself died!

Jesus the Jewish Carpenter hung on a wooden tree.  The power of sin and death was defeated.  No longer would our wooden, frail lives be destined for eternal rottenness!  Jesus, the sinless One, took on death for us so that sin would not ultimately defeat us.

Then what happened? Jesus’ body was placed in a tomb and a large stone sealed the entrance.  After three days, Jesus rose from the grave and the stone was rolled away! Not only did He defeat sin and death, but He rose from the dead to give us new life!

If you are one who got hung up on whether or not tekton refers to a carpenter or a stonemason, or whether the manger was made of wood or stone, listen up!  Jesus rolled away the STONE!  In fact, Jesus is our living stone (1 Peter 2:4-6), our corner stone (Ephesians 2:20), and our rock (Psalm 18:2, 31, 46)! 

God’s commandments were engraved in tablets of stone.  As we stand before a holy God, we fall short of His righteous standards.  Almighty God is invincible.  He’s our Rock.  Jesus put an end to death on a wooden cross, then rolled the stone of God’s righteous judgment away!

That is the work of the Jewish Tekton!  Wood and stone provide a way of salvation for us!  Our sins no longer condemn us to hell! Perhaps you are reading this and you question if hell is awaiting those who refuse to be changed forever by the work of this Master Craftsman. Hell is real, and it was meant for Satan and his demons…not for you.  You can change your destination by simply putting your trust in the One who died on a wooden cross and rolled the stone away.  Click here to find out how to know God and put your trust in Him. We’ll finish our Jewish Carpenter series tomorrow, so be sure to check in!

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