More Signs of “Mystery Babylon” in the 21st Century

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We’re finishing off this week’s study by looking at 21st century signs of “Mystery Babylon” today, then wrapping it all up tomorrow by looking at the need for a One World Leader.  If you haven’t followed this week, try going back a couple days or so to pick up our previous discussions as we have examined what happens on earth after Christians are taken up in the rapture.

Revelation 17-18 describes a portion of the tribulation in which the false prophet and the Antichrist will arise.  We’ve discussed, in depth, some of the signs of the emerging efforts on the part of world bankers and industrialists to advance their liberal agenda.  Today, let’s examine society itself:

  • About 150 “super entities” control 40% of the world’s fortune.
  • 13 families control the entire world’s banking systems.
  • In 2015, satanists unveiled and worshiped a statue of Baphomet (an ancient idol of evil) in Detroit MI in conjunction with a gay festival.
  • Chants of “Hail Satan” are heard at other satanist events.

That list could go on and on, but you get the idea.  This agenda is perpetuated primarily by elitists who have grown to power in the far left political spectrum.  Their power, influence and wealth have enabled them to move their One World Order agenda to the forefront of American thought.

We see various symbols and “secret language” portrayed by the “rich and famous,” such as:

Image result for celebrity one eye“One eye” – the act of covering one eye, a symbol of the secretive Illuminati

Related imageLightening bolts – a symbol of supernatural power


Image result for beyonce pyramidPyramids – an ancient Egyptian symbol of the pharaohs who believed they were “enlightened” by gods, and a modern-day Illuminati symbol

There are many more, but this “secret language” appears throughout society, particularly at star-studded events (concerts, Olympic ceremonies, sporting events, award shows, etc).  But be aware!  Your kids may be wearing these symbols on their T-shirts and jewelry!  It is subtle, but very rampant!

Enough about the evil in our world today!  We need to examine what is necessary for this One World Government to come about in full force.  We’ll touch on that tomorrow, so join us then!


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