An Olympian Shares “My Israel Moment”

As Israel celebrates her existence, her independence and her freedom, I am reminded of the resolute pride so obvious of a people group who loves their land.

Israeli Olympian A.J. Edelman slides down the track during the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in Februa
(Jerusalem Post photo)

This past February, an Israeli athlete became the first to compete in skeleton, an event “requiring resolve, chutzpah, staring danger in the face, and overcoming odds. In other words, it is the perfect sport for an Israeli.”  (Skeleton is a sledding event where athletes hurl themselves head-first on to a tiny sled to go barreling down an icy chute at unbelievable speeds!)

In the midst of his participation as an Olympic athlete, AJ Edelman encountered his “Israel Moment,” and he shares it in the following article.  It is heartwarming and a testament of just how much the Jewish people appreciate their heroes and their land.  Enjoy!

My ‘Israel Moment’

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