Do You have a Hero?

Happy Lord’s Day everyone!

I am going slightly off topic today…though it is still relevant.  As action in the Middle East heats up and America has vowed to take action (perhaps they already have by now!), I am reminded of the brave men and women in uniform sworn to protect and defend us.  Those are real American heroes and I am incredibly grateful to them.  How about you?

I am blessed to work with two young men who are US Army veterans, having served in Germany, Afghanistan and stateside.  I’m also fortunate to know many other veterans, all of whom I consider heroes.

Do you have a hero?  Have you ever wanted to honor them in some way?  Here’s an idea.

Next Saturday (April 21, 2018) the Pat Tillman Foundation will host Pat’s Run in Phoenix and several other cities across America.  For those of you who don’t know who Pat Tillman is, he played football at Arizona State University around the time I coached softball there.  He went on to play for the Arizona Cardinals before walking away from a lucrative NFL contract to enter the US Army.  He and his brother became Army Rangers, but Pat was killed while serving in Afghanistan.  Pat was a very gifted leader, and The Tillman Foundation was established by his wife and friends to help American veterans become America’s leaders.  They have produced 525 Tillman scholars, with an average GPA of 3.6 and an employment rate of 96%.  Find out more at The Tillman Foundation.

So, I’m training for the 4.2-mile Pat’s Run (in commemoration of Pat’s #42) to honor my co-workers and friends who are currently serving, or have served our country in the past.

Do you have heroes, or just simply want to honor America’s men and women in uniform?  Pat’s Run is sold out, so it’s too late to register for this year’s run (at least in Phoenix).  However, you can participate by donating in honor of a hero in your life!  In fact, my company (who is supportive of this effort) has developed a webpage where you can share the story of your American hero! Just click “Honor Your Hero” below to donate to the Tillman Foundation and share the story of your hero!  (All donations are tax deductible.)  The Tillman Foundation is a fantastic organization, doing incredible work.  Please show your support for our military.  They are fighting for you!




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