60 Minutes Reports on Assad’s Use of Chemical Weapons Against His Own People in Syria

On at least 200 occasions, Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad has used banned chemical weapons on his own citizens.  Rebel groups in opposition to the Assad regime are regularly targeted and attacked, leaving innocent men, women and children gasping for breath following inhalation of deadly sarin gas.

Use of chemical weapons is a war crime, yet Assad has consistently used them in attempts to crush the opposition.  Late last year, the UN investigation was shut down by Syria’s ally, Russia, but 60 Minutes continued a private investigation into an April 2017 attack.  Below is the 60 Minutes report, aired on Sunday night (2/25/2018).

Before viewing the video, however, let’s put things into context.  The Bible tells us that, in the last days, Damascus will cease to exist.  The capital city of Syria is being systematically dismantled by the Syrian regime trying to put down the rebels.  In addition, Russia, Turkey, Iran, the Kurds, ISIS and other terrorist groups are daily fighting for presence in Syria.  Chaos reigns.  Meanwhile, innocent Syrian civilians live in squalor, fighting for their very life.  As if refugee camps are not bad enough, they are attacked by chemical weapons.

The following video is very graphic and not suited to children or those especially sensitive to inhuman actions.  But it is a realistic look at life in Syria these days.  May these atrocities cause us all to diligently pray for those in Syria who desperately need the love of Jesus.

Here is the 60 Minutes report:  What a Chemical Attack in Syria Looks Like

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