Understanding the Impact of Last Weekend’s Iranian Drone Incident

As you know, an Iranian drone penetrated Israeli airspace last weekend and was downed by an Israeli Apache helicopter.  Israel then retaliated by attacking the launch site, but in doing so, incurred a downed F-16 fighter jet.  The aircraft crashed in the Galilee area, but thankfully the pilots ejected and are going to be okay.

Following that incident, Syrian media declared an “historic victory,” and Arab officials stated:

“This is an event that defeated the myth of the superiority of the Israeli air force.  It is a strategic, political and military slap heard in Washington, Tel Aviv and Turkey and applauded by Moscow and Iran. It is a historic day and very significant in the history of the open struggle between us and the Israeli enemy….We in the Arab Syrian Republic – army and people – have risen from the rubble and destruction and debris and we have gained back our health.”

So, while Syria and Iran are claiming a great victory, the reality is that Israel took out at least 12 very high value targets, and put a severe dent in the Russia-Iran relationship.  (I’m not convinced Moscow applauded the event!) This is important, but involves some detail, so I yield to one more knowledgeable than I am.  Amir Tsarfati provided a prophecy update yesterday, including logical analysis of exactly what happened in the incident, and the impact to Russia, Iran and Israel.

For those interested in a Biblical perspective of what we see happening in Syria these days, this update is well worth the time.  Enjoy!

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