Incredible Archeological Findings at the City of David

Around 2010 or 2012 I first saw the City of David.  I don’t recall if it was freshly opened or if it simply was not well-excavated enough to be a hot tourist spot prior to that.  But what I realized the first time there was that this was an incredibly important place of discovery.  If King David indeed lived there, this would one day be an absolutely unbelievable site that would confirm Biblical truth.

Throughout the years, archeologist have made astounding progress.  I was there again in 2014, 2015 and last September (2017) and can tell you the archeological site is very well-excavated.  Yet, there is still much more to go.  News of significant findings come out of there regularly, indeed proving the veracity of Scripture and confirming the history of King David and the First Temple period.

I want to share a very interesting video from this excavation.  It is a long video, so if you don’t have an hour, take a look at just the first 8 1/2 minutes.  Even in that length of time, you will get a sense of how significant the findings are in the City of David!

By the way, if you take a trip to Israel, the City of David is a “must see!”


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