Battlelines: How Close Can Iran Get?

Are battlelines being negotiated?  It certainly seems that way.

Ceasefire agreements in portions of Syria now seem to be shaping battlelines.  Israel has consistently stated they will do whatever it takes to keep Iran from establishing operations on Israel’s borders.

IDF on the Golan Heights

Russia offered a 3-mile buffer zone, while Israel requested a 37-50 miles buffer zone.  Meanwhile, in secret meetings between Syria’s President Assad and Russian President Putin last week, it is being reported that Assad offered a 25-miles buffer zone in return for Israel’s restraint from removing Assad from power.

It is a cat-and-mouse game at this point!  Ultimately, Iran will likely go wherever they so desire, and will risk what comes, as they believe they are on the cusp of accomplishing a long-held vow: with the help of Russia and friends, to wipe Israel off the map.  (Sounds a lot like the War of Gog and Magog!)

Read Breaking Israel News’ report of the negotiations: Report: Assad Offers Israel 25-mile Buffer Zone on Syrian Border.

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