Conditions of the King’s Return

Hi friends!  As promised yesterday, we’ll spend the next few days following along with an ongoing Bible study I’m teaching live.  The study is called “What in the World is Going On: Understanding the Prophetic Signs of Our Soon-Coming King,” and we’re getting to the really good part!  So, join us for the live study if you can.  (Info here.)  If not, hang in there with us here on this blog over the next few days and I’ll try to keep you engaged!

Anyone doubt that Jesus is coming soon?  We’re seeing world events line up with Bible prophecy as never before.  In fact, we have spent several weeks previously discussing world events, particularly in the Middle East involving Russia, Iran, Turkey and other places.  We also studied the great covenants of God to find that He used the Abrahamic Covenant to lay out His promises to the Jewish people (and ultimately to us as believers), the Mosaic Covenant to reveal sin and our need for redemption, and the New Covenant that allows us to enter into salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ.  But the most triumphant covenant is yet to be fulfilled…it is the Davidic Covenant, fulfilled during the Millennium, when King Jesus physically returns to earth and we reign with Him.

Three conditions must be met, though, before the King can return:

  • Israel must be in her land.
  • Israel’s historical mission of being the vehicle for world redemption must not fail.
  • Israel’s destiny must be a national one, not simply a spiritual one.

Regarding the first condition (Israel being in her land), dilemmas existed for some time.  First, God had promised Abraham land and descendants…forever.  However, Jews were dispersed all over the world from 70 AD to 1948.  How could the King return if His kingdom was non-existent?  Secondly, Gentiles ruled over Jerusalem for years.  That all changed on May 14, 1948 when the nation of Israel was re-born, and in 1967 when Jews took control (as controversial as it is) of Jerusalem.  Condition #1 has been met.

What about the second condition: Israel fulfilling its call to be the vehicle of world redemption.  What in the world does that mean anyway? Well, Genesis 12:3 tells us that all the families of earth will be blessed through Abraham and his descendants (Jews).  Well, friends, that blessing is salvation.  Israel gave us the Messiah, who we call Jesus!  And Jesus is accepting of all who will put their trust in Him.  Israel is fulfilling her calling as vehicle of world redemption (despite the fact most Jews do not recognize the Messiah!)

The third condition demands that Israel’s destiny be a national one, not simply a spiritual one.  God needed a real, physical place to place real, physical people through whom to bless all the families of the earth!  Indeed, the destiny of the Jewish state is a national one.  Israel remains the custodian of Scripture and is the “final destination” of Jesus when He returns to set up His millennial kingdom.  He must come to Jerusalem.  Thus, there must be a Jerusalem in which to come!

See, friends, the conditions for the return of the King are in place!  But there is something more that must happen and we’ll discuss that tomorrow!  Be sure to come back, as each day we’ll build toward the exciting finish on Sunday!  Meanwhile, be blessed as you consider the amazing gift God has given us through the Jewish people!

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