Another Reason to Support Israel!

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Spies spying on spies spying on spies!  Such is the worldwide network of spy agencies!  However, when it comes to intelligence, thank God Israel has our back!

Russian hackers trolling for American intelligence were busted by a team of Israeli intelligence officers who hacked into the giant Russian antivirus software network, Kaspersky.  The Russians had already managed to steal classified documents from the National Security Administration, in which the total damage is still unknown.  But at least Israel’s intelligence operatives were able to identify the breach and notify American officials.

The New York Times reported on the issue in How Israel Caught Russian Hackers Scouring the World for US Secrets.  You might be surprised to learn how many US government agencies use the Russian-made Kaspersky antivirus software!

Friends, the world we live in is a dirty, corrupt place.  As believers in Christ Jesus, aren’t you glad this is not our home!  Our citizenship is in heaven! (Philippians 3:20)

I am putting finishing touches on a lesson I will teach on Sunday called “We Stand with Israel.”  While Israel is bashed by many nations and organizations around the world (particularly the United Nations), they stand tall in protecting the interests of the US and their allies.  They are also a beacon of hope to the world when natural disasters strike and they are first on the scene.  They extend the olive branch of peace when they build field hospitals to treat refugees fleeing from Syria, Palestinian children in need of medical attention and soldiers who, just moments previously, may have been firing upon Israeli soldiers.

Israel is not perfect.  But the Jewish people serve as examples to us in so many ways.  There are plenty of reasons to stand with Israel, and I invite you to join us Sunday morning as we discuss those reasons.  We’re at the Northwest campus of Calvary Community Church at 9:00am (Prayer Room), and at the Central campus at 11:00am (Room 403, across Windrose).  Find more information and directions here.

See you there!

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