Have We Gone Absolutely Crazy?

Perhaps we should never be surprised at the evil and nonsensical response to it in this age where confusion seems to be the rule of the day.  Yesterday’s post is an example.  Today, we see another.

To think that known terrorists would be rewarded for killing others is simply unfathomable for most of us.  Yet some (including world leaders) seem to think it is a good idea.

Earlier this month, liberal Canadian PM Justin Trudeau paid ex-Guantanamo Bay prisoner Omar Khadr $8M.  Khadr, a Taliban soldier, was trained to terrorize and murder innocent people.  In the process, he killed a US special ops agent and blinded another during a US operation to clear an Afghanistani location of terrorists.

The Canadian-born Khadr alleged civil rights violations while held captive at Gitmo, and had filed an $8 million lawsuit.  Trudeau reported high costs of litigation as the reason for settlement.  My question: since when does a known terrorist/murderer deserve millions of dollars for consequences of his own actions, while victims and their families likely receive nothing?  (Victim families were awarded a $134 million judgement against Khadr in US courts for wrongful death.  Collection of that judgement is not likely.)

Hear the Fox News response from the wounded US Special Ops agent:


Friends, these are signs of the times in which we live.  We can anticipate more and more illogical thinking as “doing what is right in our own eyes” becomes more and more the norm.  Only when we use God’s Word as our guide do we avoid the same pitfall.  Get into the Word and stay there, fellow believers!

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