Let’s Get Personal: Will You Pray?

Hi friends!  Today, I want to go where I have not gone before.  If you have followed this blog, or have read The Passion Behind the Project (my explanation for why I write this blog), you likely know that my passion for Israel drives the content.  I consider this blog, as well as the Bible studies I write and lead, to be my ministry.  Unofficially, the ministry is known as “Looking for the Blessed Hope.”

Often, friends encourage me to expand the ministry in various ways (writing more, speaking more, developing curriculum, coordinating conferences, etc), but time is a fleeting commodity!  Doing more ministry around a very full-time job is a challenge, and the study and research required to stay abreast of current events relative to God’s plan for Israel and the nations is daunting.  Yet, it is what I love!  It is where my passion lies.

Recently, I have been presented with possible opportunities to expand ministry in exciting ways.  Because of the blessing of many people around the world following Looking for the Blessed Hope and communicating with me in various ways, I want to reach out to request your prayers.  I long to know God’s desire for the direction of ministry.  What (if any) opportunities should I pursue, and how does He want me to be involved?  If adjustments are needed, what does that mean for life and ministry as I know it today?

I don’t have specific details to share with you at this point, but I do cherish your prayers and will keep you posted if/when details come into view.  Will you join me in the journey of seeking Him?

  • Petition the Lord for wisdom and discernment as I consider which opportunities to pursue.  (James 1:5)
  • Ask the Lord to make clear to me the next step. (Proverbs 3:5-7)
  • Pray for God’s grace if I am to make time/life adjustments.  (Jeremiah 26:14, Jeremiah 29:11)

As always, thanks for following, and thanks in advance for your prayers!  Together, we’ll see where the Lord leads.

I love those who love me,
    and those who seek me diligently find me.
~Proverbs 8:17

4 thoughts on “Let’s Get Personal: Will You Pray?

  1. azanna

    Kym, I am praying for you as you discern what the Lord would have you do. I pray He would give you clear direction and lead you where He would have you go. God has put a passion for Israel in your heart and I know He will use that passion fully. Your blog and all that you do for the Lord and for Israel and for others is a blessing I thank God for.

    1. Thanks so much azanna! I appreciate the prayers and the friendship. Together we will see the Lord’s glory as He makes known His plan for each of us! Meanwhile, we seek and pray, don’t we! Blessings!

  2. Linda Pearson

    Hello. I am enjoying reading these emails from Looking for the Blessed Hope. My sister has been a “Watcher” for decades and she suggested that I follow this. I have a strange request. Who is the person actually writing the emails? Is it Amir Tsarfati or someone else? Thanks for setting me straight.


    On Tue, Jun 20, 2017 at 2:06 AM, Looking for the Blessed Hope wrote:

    > LFTBH Administrator posted: “Hi friends! Today, I want to go where I have > not gone before. If you have followed this blog, or have read The Passion > Behind the Project (my explanation for why I write this blog), you likely > know that my passion for Israel drives the content. I consi” >

    1. Thanks for the comment Linda. I think you may be confusing this blog (Looking for the Blessed Hope) with Amir Tsarfati’s Behold Israel blog. Those are two different blogs, and, though I know Amir and often refer to his blog, I am not officially associated with Behold Israel. Therefore, I cannot officially confirm whether or not Amir authors all of his blogs or if someone helps him. As for Looking for the Blessed Hope, I write all the content.

      Again, thanks for the comment and thanks for following. I hope you will continue to follow those whose teaching is Biblically sound.

      Many blessings!

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