Ezekiel 36: Scattering and Gathering

My friends, we are approaching the last section of the study I have entitled Why Israel Matters: Rightly Relating to Our Jewish Roots.  Next week, we will conclude the study with a section called, “The King is Coming!”  If you have joined us around the study table, you won’t want to miss the capstone of the study!  If you are new to this site, pull up a chair.  Even though we’re finishing off the study, it is all here for you to review.  (Just follow the category “WIM Study.”)

But before we jump into next  week’s study, I want to tie a nice pretty bow on the section we just concluded, called “Make Way for the King!”  In it, we studied three thing that must occur for the King to return:

With those thoughts in mind, take a look at this 4-minute video, featuring believing Jews and Arabs in Israel!  Enjoy!

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