Jordan Receives First Israeli Export of Natural Gas

(Photo credit: Moshe Shai/FLASH90)

As reported in September 2016, a $10 billion deal was signed to allow the export of natural gas from Israel’s offshore resources to Jordan.  That deal came to fruition in January when the first delivery was made.  (Read more about it here.)

Jordan has few energy sources of its own, so depends upon imports for over 95% of its  energy needs.  In fact, two countries with treaties with Israel (Egypt and Jordan) are actively engaged in discovering ways to partner with Israel in exploration of new gas fields exporting it to their countries.

Those are important agreements.  Not only do they increase cooperation between Israeli and Arab countries, but they are fulfillment of prophecy as well.  Isaiah 19:18-24 clearly indicates that Egypt will be a friend of Israel in the end, and Ezekiel 38:12 tells us clearly that the Northern Invasion (Russian-Iranian coalition that comes against Israel) will occur in an attempt to capture spoil and seize plunder.  Interestingly enough, neither Egypt nor Jordan are included in the coalition that will come against Israel.

Friends, I believe we’re seeing Middle East alliances take place in a different way than ever before.  For the first time ever, certain Arab nations are seeing Israel as a potential ally amid common goals to defend against radical Islam.  We need to be praying diligently for these countries and their leaders.  There are political difficulties, for sure, but also a growing willingness to partner with Israel in certain things.

Signs of the times….Maranatha!

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