The Biblical Blueprint for Jewish-Christian Relations

Friends, did you know the Bible gives us a clear blueprint of what Jewish-Christian relations should look like?  It’s all there…we just need to know where to find it: Romans 9-11!

In the apostle Paul’s letter to the Romans, he spent the first 8 chapters telling us how to live as Christians.  We learn that salvation is by grace through faith alone, and how to live it out.  But after focusing on Jesus-followers, Paul turns his attention to the Jews, but addresses us all.  Romans 9 focuses on the Jews election as God’s chosen people.  Chapter 10 teaches that Jesus Christ is the end of the law for everyone, and Romans 11 gets down to the nitty-gritty in God’s design of Christian interaction with Jews.  We’ll take it one chapter at a time.

Romans 9

Early in Romans 9 we are told:

They are Israelites, and to them belong the adoption, the glory, the covenants, the giving of the law, the worship, and the promises. To them belong the patriarchs, and from their race, according to the flesh, is the Christ, who is God over all, blessed forever. Amen.
~Verses 4-5

Paul wastes little time telling us (Christians) that much of what we hold dear belongs to the Israelites!  Don’t worry though…stick with us to uncover a nugget of truth that will bring joy to any Christian’s heart!

So, indeed, to the Israelites belong great and wonderful things we have “made ours” in Christendom.  Paul follows that thought by telling us exactly who the children of promise are…those descended from Isaac.  Verse 11 specifically states that doing good or bad does not qualify (or disqualify) one from becoming the children of promise.  Only the call of God does that.

That was bound to lead to the question: “So then, does God act unjustly?”  Verses 14-18 clearly state, “By no means!”  He is merciful (verse 16), but He does according to His will.  Why?  Because He has foreknowledge.  He knows beforehand, the thoughts and intentions of man, and He plans accordingly.  (If that is a difficult thing to grasp, please click here.)  God does what it takes to draw all people (Jews and Gentiles) to Himself!  He is the potter, making all things according to His plan!  (Verses 19-26)

Image result for romans 9Then, Paul makes a very important statement regarding Gentiles in verses 24-26.  Quoting from the book of Hosea (2:23 and 1:10), Paul tells us that God calls those who are not His people, “My people” and “sons of the Living God!”  Wow!  He calls the unloved and makes them beloved!

Yet, verse 30 says that we Gentiles did not pursue righteousness, but have attained it by faith.  In contrast (verse 31), Israel pursued righteousness through the law, but did not succeed.  (None of us could!)  So, they (Jews) stumbled over a stumbling stone (the law) and missed the grace of Yeshua their Messiah, who freely gives, without pursuing the law!

It gets better and better as we move along in Romans 9-11, so I hope you’ll stick with us. We’re going to have incredible fellowship over the next few days as the Lord reveals how we (Christians) are to relate to  our Jewish roots!  Thanks for stopping by!

4 thoughts on “The Biblical Blueprint for Jewish-Christian Relations


    My Christian Friend, Wow Wanderfull wards and teaching.

    We are enjoying the words of the Lords are real as the defination of the Jews and Gentiles are found in the Scripture taught in your email.

    Thank you. Indeed thank you.

    Paul Kewai Ipakasa
    Papua New Guinea


    My beloved brother and Sisters in Christ. I know that Jesus redeem Jews and both Gentiles from sin full Worls through His (God) only Son Jesus Christ.

    We the Jews Lost Tribe in Papua New Guinea living in Baguale Village declare that our Lord will remember us as where we are as the Lord is bringing back God’s people back home to Israel.

    Today you may see that, we are Lost Tribe of Abraim, but other people in Papua New Guinea, claim to be Tribe of Benjamin.

    Mighty man of God, your teaching gives us clear vission as we are Jews and Gentiles in all arround the World.

    God Bless Jews, Gentile and His people all over the World.

    Greeting from Baguale people of Lake Kutubu, Southern Highlands, Papua New Guinea.
    Yours In Christ

    Paul Kewai Ipakasa

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