God’s Call to Abraham to Birth the Jewish People

Hi gang!  Here in Phoenix I’m in the midst of teaching a new study entitled Why Israel Matters: Rightly Relating to Our Jewish Roots, and we have studied about a special purpose God has given the Jewish people: to bless all the families of the earth (Genesis 12:3). In fact, last week I posted two pieces related to that:

Today, we’ll pick up that train of thought and go a step further.  Indeed, God has a special purpose for the Jews, and Abraham was God’s man through whom He would birth the Jewish people.

We know that God introduced a covenant to Abraham in Genesis 12, then actually initiated that covenant with him in Genesis 15. During the making of the Abrahamic Covenant, God commissioned Abraham for a worldwide, eternal mission. So, let’s discover more about that commissioning.

The mission seems to be three-fold, the first being that God seems to have given Abraham a birthing call.  Not only would he birth the Jewish people, but through the Jewish people would come blessing to the whole world. What would bless all the families of the earth any more than a Messiah who would bring salvation!

Romans 9:1-5 tells us a bit about what belongs to the Jews, and what they would, subsequently, provide to the world: adoption, glory, the covenants, the law, worship, promises and patriarchs. All belong to the Jews, yet we Gentiles benefit from them!

Now take a look at John 4:22:

…for salvation is from the Jews.

Salvation is a Jewish thing, not a Christian thing!  It is just one of the things birthed through the Jews, but passed along to us!  We also have the Jewish Word of God (Romans 3:1-2) and Jesus the Messiah, among other things!

We must understand that the church did not bring Jesus into the world…Israel brought Jesus into the world!  Jesus, a Jew, brought salvation to the world, and the church followed!

Indeed, God gave Abraham a birthing call.  But that is only one prong of the three-fold call of God upon Abraham.  Stay tuned…we’ll discuss the other two prongs over the next few days.  It is an exciting study, so be sure to join us!

Happy Lord’s Day!

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