For Zion’s Sake – December 2016

Hey prayer warriors, you’re at the right place today!  The first Wednesday of every month we join thousands from around the world to participate in the Isaiah 62 Prayer Initiative.  It unites us all in prayer for Israel, fulfilling the Biblical mandate of passages such as Psalm 122 and Isaiah 62.

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem produces specific prayer points each month, and one of the 12 verses of Isaiah 62 serves as the key verse each month.  Access December’s prayer points here.

Here are some points to help direct you in prayer:

  • PRAISE the Name of the Lord, who seeks, redeems, sanctifies and saves. Praise Him for new names and new beginnings, and for His plan for Israel and for the nations, for it is glorious!
  • PROCLAIM His Word by reciting Isaiah 62:12.
  • PETITION the Lord for redemption, sanctification and salvation.
  • PONDER: New names are evocative of new beginnings, clean breaks, forgiven pasts, and a transcended future.  We count four such names in this one wonderful passage: “The Holy People,” “Redeemed of the Lord,” “Sought Out” and “A City Not Forsaken.”  In sum, the Jewish people shall be sanctified, delivered, pursued, and favored!  God will bring this to pass.  We hold Him to His word to bring forth all He has promised, relentlessly reminding Him with our prayers.
  • PRAY using the current prayer points found here.

So, welcome to the throne room of our gracious King who welcomes us to come boldly.  Won’t you lend your prayers to the sweet-smelling incense of prayer to the Lord?

You may pray on your own, but if you are in the Phoenix area, I invite you to join us at Calvary Community Church (Central campus) tonight at 6:00pm, where we will join together as the body of Christ to pray.  We’ll be in Room 301 (north side of the campus).  See you there!

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