Guatemala: Friend of Israel

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Israeli President Reuven Rivlin with Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales and his wife, Hilda Patricia Morales

Recently, Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales and his wife, Hilda Patricia Morales, visited Israel where they were greeted by Israeli President Reuven Rivlin.  President Morales entered office in January and was making his first official visit outside the western hemisphere.

During the meeting, President Rivlin expressed appreciation to President Morales and promised Israel’s assistance in development and innovation for the Guatemalan region. “I want to thank you, Mr. President, for your personal support and for the support of your country for Israel on the international stage,” Israeli President Reuven Rivlin told Morales..

Furthermore, after Morales’ visit to the Knesset, Israeli Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein said:

“The ties between Israel and Guatemala are deep and historic. Before Israel’s establishment, on the eve of the U.N. decision on November 29 [in 1947], we still remember and appreciate the actions of Guatemala’s ambassador to the U.N., Dr. Jorge Garcia Granados, who enlisted Latin American states to vote in favor of the partition plan. It could be that without Guatemala, the resolution on that fateful day would not have passed, and history would be very different.”

A devout evangelical Christian, President Morales vowed continued support of Israel.  Praise God for heads of state who not only value integrity and morality, but who also express support for God’s chosen land and God’s chosen people.  President Morales passes the Israel test!

By the way, Guatemala is filled with people who love Israel and love the Lord!  I have ministered with some in years past, and have met many more throughout subsequent years…including some who follow this blog!  Shabbat Shalom and many blessings to my Guatemalan friends!


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