Franklin Graham: Another Invitation to Pray!

Pray with me

I believe we all sense it.  Our nation is on a horrible path, potentially to destruction.  While I agree with the dire need for prayer and for Christians to stand up, I still have hope for America.  Why?  Because there is still time for us to repent and to turn from wickedness and to seek the Lord.  But believers, here is the secret: we can’t wait for Washington to do it!  We can’t wait for our elected officials to do it.  We can’t wait for ANYONE ELSE to do it!

God is calling Christians to do it!  So, what is He calling us to do?  Well, I could preach a sermon, but I won’t!  Bottom line is that He is calling us to LIVE OUR LIVES as Christians…to avoid conforming to the world, to truly give up our worldly pleasures (anything that keeps us from fellowship with Him) and seek Him first.

Fellow Christians, if we do that, I believe there is time for God to bring about a revival like we have never seen before.  But we must be about our Father’s business!

One part of our Father’s business is to pray.  Franklin Graham is calling us once more to join him at the foot of the throne of grace, to humble ourselves before the Lord and to petition on behalf of our country.  Please click here (or the image at the top of this page) for a word from Franklin Graham.  Then, join him on November 7 in prayer for out nation.

Our religious freedoms are very much at risk in this election.  I hope you will pray and VOTE.

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