This is Israel!

Oh, how I love Israel!  Not because the people are perfect, or the government makes all the right decisions, or there are no problems there.  Indeed, the people are human and make mistakes just like you and me!  I don’t agree with everything Israel stands for…but yet, I can say the same about America!  (Yet I still love our wonderful nation!)  And anyone who thinks there aren’t problems in Israel just hasn’t been living on the same planet!

I love Israel because, as a Christian, the roots of my faith originate from there, and because the God of my faith tells me to love and bless Israel.  It certainly hasn’t hurt that each time I’ve been there, the Lord has drawn me deeper into intimate knowledge of His glorious plan for both the Jews and the Gentiles, and those plans are both linked to Israel!  I love the land and the people because God has planted it deep in my spirit, soul, and body!

When spilling my passion for Israel, some are curious to know what makes Israel so special to me.  I’m often asked, “What is it like there?”  Knowing a bit about Israel’s history, understanding what they have overcome, and realizing what an absolute miracle it is that the nation came into existence (and continues to exist) is all part of understanding what Israel is like and why I have come to appreciate the land.

No one tells the story of what Israel has gone through better than Holocaust survivors.  Enjoy Bella Tovey’s 90-second story, then discover a bit about what Israel is!  Click here to view This is Israel Moment with Bella Tovey.

Shabbat Shalom!

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