Who is Prepared to Stand with Israel?

Here in the United States, our presidential election season is officially underway.  For those of us who stand for strong Christian values (including standing strong with Israel), this lead-off caucus had important twists.

On the Democratic side, there are no logical choices when it comes to conservative, Biblical positions.  Both candidates (Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders) are pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, lack the fortitude needed to stand with and defend Israel, and would continue most (if not all) Obama policy.  In Iowa, there was a bit of a surprise as front runner, Clinton, defeated Sanders by only a very narrow margin (.3 of 1%).  As an Obama puppet, perhaps that speaks to what people in Iowa see as enough of the Obama shenanigans.

However, the Republican side offers some intrigue.  Donald Trump, a lifelong liberal with no foreign policy or national security experience, has been the strong front runner for quite some time.  However, he was second to Ted Cruz and only very narrowly edged Marco Rubio.  That is good news for conservatives.

Several weeks ago, we identified four Republican candidates with strong moral values, a deep understanding of foreign policy (including a firm grasp of Israel), and solid plans for the economy, immigration and other important issues.  Those four (in alphabetical order) are: Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Marco Rubio, and Rick Santorum.  With a crowded Republican field splitting the conservative vote so thin, the door was opened wide for a brash, media-savvy liberal (Trump) to grab the lead long enough to gain tremendous momentum.

But, following poor showings in Iowa, Huckabee and Santorum have dropped out of the race.  Though I believe either would be a good president, I’m thankful both chose to give up the race in favor of allowing more electable conservatives to gain support.  Now, let’s hope one or both of the remaining conservative candidates gain momentum that will allow them to overtake Trump as the Republican nominee.

I have been praying for a “Josiah,” a man of righteousness who will lead our nation back to respectability, and a man who will stand strong with Israel.  Are Cruz and/or Rubio prepared to stand with Israel?  I believe they are.  Here are their speeches before the Republican Jewish Coalition back in December:

Both are 30 minutes long, but I encourage you to educate yourself regarding the positions of these men.  The next president will almost assuredly have to deal with significant foreign policy and US security issues, thus must be ready and capable of leading in a time of war and rumors of war (Matthew 24:6-7).  As has been said, Commander-in-Chief is not an entry level position.  It requires deep understanding of complicated Middle Eastern issues, and experience in foreign policy issues.  That eliminates two front-running candidates: Donald Trump, who has absolutely no experience in foreign policy; and Hillary Clinton, who has blown it on foreign policy issues throughout her career as a politician.  (Both are also on shaky ground when it comes to other key moral issues.)

Let’s be educated as we go to the polls this election season, and let’s stand strong with Israel!

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