Looking for the Blessed Hope (Bible Study) Coming Again!

Hi friends!  I’m happy to announce that Israel in Prophecy: Looking for the Blessed Hope (the Bible study) will be offered once again at Calvary Community Church in Phoenix AZ.  The study will begin Sunday morning, January 17, 2016, at 9:00am (Prayer Room at Northwest Campus), and will continue through April 3.

This semester will also include a bonus class, where I will share a lesson taken from the Christian Leaders Seminar I attended in Jerusalem a few weeks ago.  The bonus class will focus on the Holocaust and Modern Antisemitism.  Given that the commemoration of Holocaust Remembrance Day falls within this semester, the bonus class will be especially fitting.

I’ll pass along more details and a map once the event is posted on the Calvary website.

If you live in the Phoenix area, I want to personally invite you to join us for the study.  It includes short intro teachings to each week’s lesson, individual study in which you can spend as little or as much time as you want throughout the week, and lively discussion (which is often the “meat” of the study) following each week’s study.  In previous semesters the Lord has blessed us with great discussion time and good fellowship as we have looked at Israel’s past, present, and future; examined today’s events through the lens of Scripture; and readied ourselves for the day of Christ’s return!  The same blessings await us, beginning January 17!

Check out the Introduction, then plan to join us at 9:00am on Sunday mornings at Calvary Community Church’s Northwest Campus (59th Ave and Bell).  Meanwhile, will you pray for the Lord to prepare our hearts and minds, and for the messages to be given clearly and accurately?

See you there!  Shalom!

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