When will We Say “Enough!”

Having arrived safely back home from almost 2 weeks in Israel, I am faced with the reality that terrorism takes no breaks.

While in Israel we heard the horrifying news of the terrorist attack in San Bernardino CA.  Because of the busyness of our schedule while there, we did little more than catch tidbits about the attack: that it was carried out at a developmental disability center, that it possibly resulted from an argument, that the perpetrators may be linked to ISIS, and that the families of the husband-and-wife team couldn’t believe that they would do such a thing.

I’ve since learned more than I care to know about that terrorist attack and the perpetrators.  Radical, apocalyptic Islam is rising all around us and some would say our nation’s leaders are turning a blind eye.  That is true for some, yet that’s not the worst.  Other leaders are blatantly inviting such activity!  Refusing to identify terrorists as terrorists, and radical Islam as radical Islam, emboldens these enemies to unleash atrocious crimes without fear of retribution. Failing to know and acknowledge the enemy will bring almost certain defeat.  Continuing to allow those with connections to terrorist groups and/or terrorist activity into our country is beyond baffling.

When will we say “Enough!”  I hope you will pray, not only for the families who lost loved ones, but for our nation’s leaders as well.

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