Signs of the Times: Religious Freedom Disappearing

Singing publicly in the name of Jesus is apparently no longer allowed in Toronto Canada.  An annual Christian music festival was denied a permit by the city of Toronto, stating that playing songs in the name of Jesus violates city policy against proselytizing.  This event has been held at Yonge-Dundas Square every year since 2006.

According to Life Site, Natalie Belman, the city official in charge of issuing permits, has reprimanded them for singing songs that repeatedly use the name of “Jesus.”  “If you’re praising Jesus, ‘praise the Lord,’ and ‘there’s no God like Jehovah,’ that type of thing, that’s proselytising,” she said.  Belman was most likely referring to the song “Days of Elijah,” since its lyrics repeatedly say, “There’s no God like Jehovah.”

Rev David Lynn is a street preacher in Toronto and said, “Daily I see every kind of event, from Muslim, Buddhist, LGBT, Rap, Hindu, and they all share their beliefs and express their philosophies…This City of Toronto verdict is telling the Christian Community that we are not allowed to be ourselves on Toronto property. This is awful.”

Freedom of religion has been under fire for quite some time just across our northern border in Canada.  Could religious freedom be in jeopardy in our country as well?  I believe the answer is yes, as we see efforts to stifle pastors from preaching about moral issues, and initiatives to quiet citizens’ expressions of Christian belief.  Ironically, if your “religion” is not Christianity, freedom exists in much greater measure.

In reality, everyone has a belief system, and it is impossible to be “neutral” about Jesus Christ.  He said, “He who is not with Me is against Me.” (Matthew 12:30)  Only the Gospel of Jesus Christ changes hearts and minds.  Time is short, believers!  Stand strong in the truth of God’s Word, and pray for hearts and minds to be open to that truth.

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