Kerry Meets with Abbas, King Abdullah

US Secretary of State John Kerry was in Amman Jordan yesterday to meet with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Jordan’s King Abdullah to discuss ongoing violence in and around Jerusalem.  Over the past several weeks dozens of terrorist attacks have been carried out by Palestinians as tensions have mounted.  Conflicts have become commonplace at holy sites such as Temple Mount, Tomb of the Patriarchs, Rachel’s Tomb and others.

In a somewhat surprising development, Secretary Kerry stood in defense of Israel, indicating that Israel has committed to “keep the status quo on Temple Mount” (allowing only Muslims to pray on Temple Mount, which has been the norm for years).  Jordan’s King proposed that surveillance of holy sites be done 24/7 in order to stem Palestinian accusations that Israel is inciting violence.  Technical plans of implementation will follow soon.

Meanwhile, in another surprising move, conservative members of Congress are making headway in efforts to cut US aid to Palestinians until such time Palestinian leaders cease incitement of violence.  According to The Free Beacon, an Arizona Congresswoman (Martha McSally) is leading the charge to hold Palestinian leadership accountable for the increase in violence, and encourages the current American administration to more strongly condemn the actions of Palestinian leadership.

Granted, these are small victories and there is so much more America needs to do to stand faithfully with our greatest Middle East ally (Israel).  But friends, I believe the Lord honors the prayers of His people.  He is no “genie in a bottle,” but I believe has a soft spot in His heart when His kids align with His will in prayer!  Joel 3:1-2 warn of judgment for nations who work to divide the land of Israel, and Genesis 12:3 promises that those who bless Israel will be blessed, while those who curse Israel will be cursed.  I want to be on the right side of that promise, don’t you!?!

Believers are faithfully praying for the peace of Jerusalem, as commanded in Psalm 122, and the God of Israel hears the prayers of faithful prayer warriors!  Will you join the battle?  Onward Christian soldiers…we’re in a battle that is fought on our knees.  Let’s be faithful to our Commanding Officer, the Lord Jesus Christ!

Blessings friends!

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