The Palestinian Problem and Terrorism

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Thanks for joining in this week’s study.  Our cruise has taken us to several destinations, and it is my prayer that you are seeing God’s Word come alive at each one.

This week’s study, The Palestinian Problem and Terrorism, reveals evidence of the resistance against Israel and the determination to do her harm.  Biblical prophecy in general has taught us that Israel will have many enemies in the last days.  As we studied previously, some of those enemies are clearly identified in Scripture.  However, some groups are not necessarily named, but certainly are proving to create havoc when it comes to Israel’s well-being.

The Palestinians are one such group.  Since Israel’s independence in 1948, there has been a constant feud between what we know today as the Palestinians, and Israel.  In our intro lesson, we learned who the Palestinians are and what their ambitions are.  We’ll continue to dig a little deeper into that.

We’ll also learn more about various terrorists groups and what they are up to today.  Might they play a critical part in the end times?

This week’s study slants a bit more than usual in the direction of “academic” study than Bible study.  However, as you complete this week’s Individual Study, please be mindful of how these things tie in with what we know from Scripture.  You’ll have some freedom to come up with your own impressions, observations and opinions; but as always, it is important to focus these things through the lens of Scripture.

So, before we disembark and go exploring, let’s examine this week’s prayer point in praying for the peace of Jerusalem.

…men who understood the times, with knowledge of what Israel should do….
~1 Chronicles 12:32

Peace talks seem to be common, though without agreement.  The Palestinians and others in the region continually clamor for land concessions from Israel.  Israel continually pursues peace, often at very high costs.  Let’s pray that today’s leaders in Israel will understand the times and be knowledgeable about what Israel should do.  Will you commit to pray for that this week?

Enjoy the study!

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