As the Iran Nuclear Countdown Continues…

These are days in which Americans should be praying!  Praying for our nation…praying for our Congressmen…praying for wisdom to reign supreme in our nation’s capital.

While we can be sure that the prophecies of Ezekiel 38-39 are not far from their fulfillment, God help us if we hasten that day!  Ezekiel clearly identifies Russia and Iran as leaders of a multi-national coalition that will invade Israel in end times…while the US is either non-existent or doesn’t show up on the scene for whatever reason.

We are most definitely seeing the stage being set for that event.  We are certainly seeing Iran become a nuclear power, and even as I write, Russia is preparing to ship a very powerful anti-missile defense system (S-300) to Iran in a long-awaited arms deal.  Meanwhile, what does America do?  If the answer was “nothing,” it would be bad enough, but unfortunately, the answer is “a lot!”  America is about to hand over control to Iran to ramp up its nuclear capability, all while being relieved of crushing sanctions.  Add $150 billion to Iran’s coffers, and where do you think the money will go!?!

Yes, it is a scenario that aligns with Ezekiel’s prophecy.  However, as long as God is on the throne (which He will be forever!), we need not fear.  As believers, we have the blessed assurance that Jesus, our Soon-Coming King, will take us out of this world to be with Him forever.  We have no guarantee that it will be before really big trouble breaks out, but we do have the guarantee that He will save us from “the wrath that is to come”…the tribulation, which will soon follow.  (1 Thessalonians 1:10)

Those things are coming, and praise God for our salvation.  However, God has left us on this earth for such a time as this!  Rise up, Christians, and make your voices heard!  First of all, make your voices heard by God!  He is the only One who can save us!  Pray as never before!

Secondly, make your voices heard by your Congressmen, particularly your Senators who could put a stop to this foolishness that President Obama calls a “non-binding executive agreement.”  Read how Congress can choose to abide by the US Constitution by clearly declaring the Iran deal a treaty, thus requiring approval of the Senate.

Thirdly, make your voice heard by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.  He holds the key to whether or not our US Constitution is upheld in this matter.  (Click here to find out why!)  You can contact him here to let your voice be heard!

Fourthly, put it all together…pray for Mitch McConnell.  We need strong leaders in Congress and this is the perfect chance for him to emerge as just that.  Pray that the God of heaven will pour out wisdom and righteousness on Senator McConnell, and that the courage of Daniel in the lion’s den will engulf him.  By God’s grace he can stand, so let’s pray to that end!

The latest poll by the Pew Research Center shows that only 21% of Americans are in favor of the deal.  In another poll (by Secure America Now), 88% (including 79% of Democrats) say Congress should not approve a deal that allows Iran to inspect its own nuclear sites.  Why is it, then, that our President and almost half of Congress have not gotten that message?

Speak up, dear friends!  Speak to your Congressmen and speak specifically to Mitch McConnell.  But most importantly, speak to the God of Heaven’s Armies who is fully capable of withholding the wrath of God for a little while longer!  Let’s be the generation that seeks and pleads for a great awakening.  There are human souls at stake!

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