Iranian Leaders Boast of Major Achievements in Nuclear Deal

Soon after the announcement of the Iranian nuclear deal, both Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (Iran’s Supreme Leader) and President Hassan Rouhani took to the airwaves, the press, and social media to tout their extraordinary achievements in the deal.  They indicate that they got everything they wanted and much more.  Indeed, people are celebrating in cities all over Iran.

In a televised address to the nation, Rouhani identified 4 objectives they set out to accomplish:

  1. Protect their nuclear capabilities, including technology, and to continue nuclear activity within the country.
  2. Put an end to the “inhuman and tyrannical” sanctions.
  3. Address all the “illegal” resolutions to have them annulled by the UN Security Council.
  4. Remove the dossier of chapter 7 (addressing threats and breaches of peace and acts of aggression) from the UNSC.

According to Rouhani, every objective was attained.  Via twitter, NYT Tehran correspondent, Thomas Erdbrink, reports this statement from Rouhani:

“Our objective was to have the nuclear program and have sanctions lifted. At first they wanted us to have 100 centrifuges; now we will have 6,000. They wanted restrictions of 25 years; now its 8. First they said we could only have IR1 centrifuges, now we can have IR6, 7, and 8, advanced centrifuges. Heavy water plant at Arak had to be dismantled; but now it will remain with heavy water under conditions. Fordo had to be closed; now we will have 1,000 centrifuges there.”  (Twitter)

Not only is Iranian leadership confirming they got all they wanted and more, but many American legislators and diplomats are lamenting the “bad deal,” indicating Iran got far more than they should have.   (Congressional Republicans, some Democrats)  Israel’s leadership is most certainly not happy with the deal.

While it is true the deal must have Congressional approval, it is certain that President Obama will veto any decision to block the deal.  Overriding a presidential veto requires 2/3 vote in each chamber of Congress, and, barring a miracle of God, the Senate still has a big enough presence of Democratic party-liners to squash that effort.

But, we DO serve a prayer-hearing, prayer-answering, miracle-working God..and He wants to hear from us!  God is bigger than any nuclear deal, so why not ask Him to defeat it?  He is no genie-in-a-bottle, so He is not obligated to “make our wishes come true,” but we are free to seek and to pray for His will.  In addition, James 4:2 indicates there are times we do not have because we do not ask.  So, let’s ask!

Regardless, God is bigger than all of it!  Do not be afraid, but rather be courageous!  God is in complete control, and He is not done with us yet!  Let’s be about His business in these crazy last days!

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