Nuclear Deal Reached with Iran

World leaders involved in the Iranian Nuclear Deal. (Photo credit:

It’s a dark day in world history as world leaders just sealed a nuclear deal with Iran.  Perhaps I’ll comment more as I make my way through the 100+ pages of the actual agreement.  However, from all indications, Iran came out smelling like a rose:

  • Iran may continue to enrich uranium.
  • Iran does not have to dismantle a single nuclear facility.
  • Iran may continue spinning centrifuges.
  • Iran may continue developing and producing intercontinental ballistic missile (capable of reaching the US).
  • Iran will benefit from sanctions relief (the extent of which I am not yet certain), which will likely pump billions into the Iranian military coffers.
  • Iran will have vast economic resources in which to support and sponsor terrorism.
  • Iran is not required to release a single American captive…not Pastor Saeed Abidini, not the Washington Post reporter, not one single captive held illegally.  Nor are they required to release captives of other nations.

So, will Iran suddenly acquiesce and become a positively functioning member of world society?  Not if you consider what has taken place in Iran over the past few days when President Hassan Rouhani incited marches and shouts of “Death to Israel!  Death to America!” while burning American, Israeli, and other pro-western nation’s flags.  BTW – similar, though not as violent, demonstrations were held right here on American soil!

President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have both aggressively pursued “legacy” deals in their final terms in office.  It appears they will get what they lust for most…and only time will tell what their “legacy” will be.  Shudder the thought.

Developing…more later!  Meanwhile, rise up, Christians!  Pray for our nation, pray for Israel, and pray that we (believers) will be found faithful in doing what the God of the Universe calls us to do!

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