A Brief Review of Joel Rosenberg’s “The Third Target” Simulcast

Joel Rosenberg’s highly-anticipated The Third Target simulcast was well-done and very informative.  Unfortunately, if you missed it, you missed a very good discussion.  Fortunately, details were just released to be able to see the simulcast “on demand.”  I suspect there is a cost, but it is possible to see it.  Click here for more information.

Meanwhile, I will provide a very brief review.  The simulcast was actually an interview with a pastor in Texas (before a live audience), and it flowed very smoothly.  Joel opened with the point that there are roughly 1.5-1.6 billion Muslims in the world, and only about 10% are believed to be radicals.  Though 10% does not sound like much, 10% of 1.5 billion is 1.5 million!  That’s a lot of radicals.

ISIS is an off-shoot of al Qaeda, though al Qaeda appears very moderate in comparison.  ISIS, who has conquered about 45% of Iraq, is satanic in nature, believing they are making blood sacrifices to their god when they kill others.  Though Christians are certainly targeted, so are Muslims and others who do not agree with ISIS ideology.  ISIS is well-financed due to the takeover of oil resources and banks in Iraq.

It is well-known that ISIS is determined to take over Syria and Iraq.  However, they are not satisfied with a couple of countries.  In fact, ultimately, they want to conquer the world and set up a world-wide caliphate.  Thus, who will they go after next?  Who is the “third target?”   We simply don’t know yet, though Joel Rosenberg’s book by the same title presents a very possible scenario!  (Read the book….I don’t want to spoil it!)

There were two things presented in the simulcast that most deeply struck me:

  • As believers, we are to be watchmen, and
  • There are MILLIONS coming to faith and salvation in Christ in Iran and other parts of the Middle East

I have written about both issues (watchmen and salvation in Iran) previously, but I was both challenged and encouraged as I heard Rosenberg discuss those ideas.  More and more I am burdened to be a watchman to warn believers and unbelievers that time is short and we must be ready for Christ’s return.  That was impetus for me to start this blog, and is encouragement for me to be diligent to continue.  The world needs to know of the Blessed Hope whose return is imminent, and we must be faithful to sound the alarm.

As for salvations in Iran, I am continually amazed at the revival that Jesus Himself has ignited there.  The gospel is being beamed into the Middle East to millions every day.  In addition to that, people are seeing visions of the Lord Jesus Christ, and are recognizing and coming to Him in saving faith.  Perhaps that sounds “weird” in our western culture, but it is happening daily to thousands in the Middle East.  Here, where churches and Christian materials are abundant, and where we are free to worship, the Lord works differently.  In places “closed” to the gospel, the Lord makes Himself known in different ways.  Praise God He is not limited in bringing salvation to His precious creation!

I encourage you to read Iran has the Fastest Growing Evangelical Population on the Planet and visit Iran Alive Ministries to hear testimonies of what God is doing in Iran.  You will be blessed!

Finally, to follow up The Third Target simulcast, Calvary Community Church is hosting Israel in Prophecy: Looking for the Blessed Hope, a 10-week study, on Sunday mornings at 11:00 am.  You will find us in Room 301 at the Central Campus.  If you are in the Phoenix AZ area, please join us.  (Click for directions.)  Childcare is available.  I hope to see you there!

Blessings friends!

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