Reminder: “The Third Target” Simulcast by Joel Rosenberg

Friends, I want to remind you of a unique opportunity.  Joel Rosenberg, a Jewish believer in Yeshua, a NYT Best-Selling author, and a world-renown prophecy expert will present The Third Target via simulcast on Sunday evening, April 19.  With ISIS on a rampage through Syria and Iraq, with aspirations of taking greater territory, who is the third target?  Rosenberg will address questions such as these:

· What is the “Islamic State” (aka, ISIS and ISIL) and what are its objectives?
· Why is ISIS so much more dangerous than al Qaeda?
· Why does Joel say “genocidal conditions are emerging” in Syria and Iraq?
· Why is ISIS trying to destroy Christianity in the lands of its birth, and could it succeed?
· What are the prophetic implications of this horrific wave of persecution?
· How can Christians throughout North America and around the world pray for and help our brothers and sisters in the Middle East.

The simulcast is being hosted by churches throughout the world. If you are in the Phoenix AZ area, join us at Calvary Community Church at 6:00pm on Sunday night (April 19, 2015) for the simulcast.

In the weeks following the simulcast, I will be teaching Israel in Prophecy: Looking for the Blessed Hope at Calvary Community Church at 11:00am on Sunday mornings (Room 301).  Our intro meeting is on April 26 and we will continue for the next 10 weeks.  Everyone is welcome and childcare is available.

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