Much Needed Rain Falls on Israel

Storm clouds over the Sea of Galilee

Rain flooded some parts of Israel over the weekend, slowing traffic but raising the water level of the Sea of Galilee.  Tel Aviv received the largest rainfall (77mm, about 3″), while the Galilee region soaked up 35-50mm.  Even the barren southern deserts received about 7 mm.  A Water Authority spokesperson said, “These rains are a welcome contribution to the water sector after a long dry season of many months.”

News of the storms brings two things to my mind.  The first is the unusually heavy rains and even some snowfall during a trip to Israel in 2012.  It was absolutely incredible to see the flood waters roar over the desert cliffs down to the Dead Sea, and to see Jerusalem covered in snow.

DSC00358 DSC00343  DSC00325DSC00292

The second thing that comes to mind is the ingenuity and stewardship Israelis exhibit in conserving water. Check out this video:

God continues to bless His chosen land.  The land there is fertile and the people are very wise in the use of resources.  They are thankful for every drop of rain the Lord provides.  Perhaps we should be so thankful!

Just as the land is refreshed by rain, I pray you are refreshed day-to-day by the Holy Spirit.  Rain on us, O Lord, I pray!

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