Breaking News: Palestinians, Hamas Unite

Hi Friends!  I’m putting up a second post today to share news of the day that relates to the focus of Looking for the Blessed Hope. Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip have reached a “unity” agreement, likely putting a halt to the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.  (More info here and here.)

Often at odds with each other, Fatah (primary political party in the West Bank) and Hamas (ruling entity in the Gaza Strip) have now joined forces to oppose Israel.  Hamas is a clearly identified terrorist group by the US and many other countries, and a known enemy of Israel.  Thus, the chances of a Palestinian peace deal with Israel have just been reduced to almost nothing.  Peace negotiations are set to expire on April 29 and talks have been stalled for quite some time now.

What are the ramifications?  We don’t know yet.  However, what we DO know is that the Palestinians seem determined to divide the land of Israel, which is a critical mistake.  Joel 3:2 warns that those who divide Israel will enter into God’s judgment.  Woe to those who do!

This is a very complicated situation.  Join me in praying for the peace of Jerusalem, and for supernatural wisdom for Israeli and Palestinian leaders.

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