Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks

Hi friends!  I’ll get back to the trials of Jesus a little later today, but want to give you a report regarding the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

If you are not up-to-speed on what the peace talks are about, here is some very basic detail.  Palestinians occupy the West Bank and Gaza Strip and are pushing for more land.  Note that the West Bank and Gaza Strip are within Israeli national borders, but Palestinians believe that they should be a sovereign state with borders back to the 1967 lines.  Below is a glance at the current map of Israel. Areas in orange are Palestinian-controlled areas.

Map of Palestine

Palestinians are Arab and, in addition to those living in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Arabs live freely in other parts of (non-Palestinian-controlled) Israel.  In fact, they have representation in Israeli government.  While Palestinians want to be recognized as a sovereign state, they are adamantly opposed to recognizing Israel as a sovereign Jewish nation.  Israel has stood firm on the requirement that, in order to come to a two-state solution, Palestinians must recognize Israel as a state as well.

Since Israel became a state/nation in 1948, Arab nations have opposed them and have attempted to destroy them.  That continues to this day.  Several US administrations have sought to broker peace deals between Israel and the Palestinians, though all have ultimately failed.  Each time Israel has complied with requirements of peace plans, the Palestinians have defaulted, and the current situation is no different.  Despite Israeli efforts (including “painful concessions“) to resume peace talks, the Palestinians have pulled out of talks, citing Israeli refusal to cooperate.

Truth be told, over the past several months Israel has released almost 80 imprisoned Palestinian terrorists to fulfill agreements to advance peace talks.  They are soon scheduled to make the fourth and final release (about 25 additional terrorist prisoners).  However, the Palestinians are balking at coming to the table to discuss peace negotiations.  Thus, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has indicated that Israel will not go forward with the final release of prisoners without good faith commitment (and action) by the Palestinians to come to the peace table.

You will hear very different reports through the media.  Friends, we need to pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122), particularly for wisdom of Netanyahu and Israeli leaders.  This issue is much more complicated than I can describe herein.  This is a critical time in Israel’s history…and a time we are seeing end time prophecies being fulfilled.  Let’s stand with Israel!

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